Romania’s wine regions are some of the most fertile and prosperous in Europe, and the wines produced there are truly a fine example of it.  We encourage the adults present to sample one of these refreshments as a perfect complement to your meal.  You can enjoy your wine by the glass, or by the bottle to share with your table or to take home with you for later.


We proudly serve the following Romanian wines:

Jidvei  (white)
Feteasca Neagra  (red)
Busuioaca de Bohotin  (blush)

In addition to an assortment of wine, we proudly serve Romania’s own Timisoreana beer.  Enjoy this crisp pale lager with mititei — a favorite Romanian combination!


We will also have available soft drinks and bottles of Romania’s famous Perla Harghitei sparkling mineral water.


(We encourage responsible drinking and will check for proper age identification.)
All imported items available while supplies last.