Educational Scholarship

The Traian & Anna Moga Educational Scholarship
Sts. Peter & Paul Romanian Orthodox Church

Throughout their lives, Traian and Anna Moga knew the value of a good education – a value which they have pursued throughout their lives and worked hard to instill in their children.

Anna, an only child, immigrated with her parents to the Unites States from Banat, Yugoslavia at the age of ten.  Not knowing the English language upon her arrival, she was initially held back in public school.  However, her determination and love for learning motivated her to earn not only a High School diploma, but to go on and earn an Associate’s Degree in Business at a time when it was still rather uncommon for a young woman to pursue higher education.  Whether working at Lawrence Technological University or volunteering as a Sunday School teacher at church, she continued her passion for learning and shared it with others throughout her life.

Traian was born into a large family in Sharon, Pennsylvania, which eventually settled in Canton, Ohio.  He began his college education in mechanical engineering while honorably serving his country in the armed forces during WWII.  After returning home from the war, he and his family relocated to Dearborn, Michigan, where the automotive industry provided excellent opportunities to complete his Associate’s Degree and begin a lifelong career at the Ford Motor Company.

Traian and Anna were married in 1951, and always kept the Church as an important part of their lives.  Together, they raised three sons, nurturing in them the same values for a strong education which they, in turn, have shared with their own families in adulthood.  Between the three of them, they went on to earn a total of four undergraduate degrees, five graduate degrees, and all have taught as adjunct professors at over a dozen universities, both at home and abroad, while working full-time.

The Moga Family offers this scholarship in memory of their wife and mother to encourage other young people who are active at Sts. Peter & Paul Romanian Orthodox Church to pursue studies, work hard, love learning, and use their talents for the betterment of those around them – those things which Anna valued and spent her life sharing with others.

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(Please see the application form for eligibility requirements, and return the completed form with all requested documents in accordance with the procedures listed on the form.)

Past Winners

2012  —  Elizabeth Gheordunescu
2013  —  Julia Balaie
2014  —  George Gheordunescu
2015  —  Isabella Comsa
2017  —  Robert Stingu

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