Our parish maintains a small parish bookstore where parishioners and visitors can obtain books, in both the English and Romanian languages, on Orthodox Christian themes.┬á Types of books include general information on Orthodoxy, saints, parenting, prayer books, bibles, akathist prayers, children’s books, and more.

Every Orthodox Christian home should have at least one icons and/or cross on a wall.┬á We offer a nice selection of these items, whether it’s a personal purchase or intended as a gift.┬á Additional religious items available include candles for baptisms and weddings, calendars, prayer ropes, keychains, lapel pins, greeting cards, candle lamps, incense, and more.

We also carry a selection of Romanian-themed items such as t-shirts, Romanian-American flag lapel pins, keychains, stickers and more.

Selection of items in the bookstore varies based on availability.


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