Parish Council

The parish community is lead by the parish priest who works together with a council that is elected each year by the congregation at its annual assembly.  These individuals are chosen to lead by example, as many of them spend countless hours working for the church and encourage others to do the same.

– David Thomas
Vice President – Radu Stingu
Secretary – Sorin Z. Mihaltan
Treasurer – Michael Williams
Auditors – Radu Irimie, Thomas Moga, Anca Stingu (helper)
Trustees – Mircea Munte, Sorin Stancu, Florin Gioiculeasa (helper)
Members – Nicholas Cocora Sr., Adriana Comsa, Radu Comsa, Silvia Costea, Dr. Anna Devine, Cristian Gheordunescu, Gabriela Gheordunescu, Flory Hociota, Cristina Irimie, Matthew Kotes, Regina Lewis, Delia Mihaltan, Traian Moga, Sidonia Nistor, Ted Patyna, Nick Placinta, Psa. Mary Ellen Rosco, Tom Rosco, Susan Surducan, Walter Surducan, Linca Thomas
Episcopate Congress Delegates (2017-2018) – Liliana Loria, Linca Thomas
Episcopate Congress Alternates (2017-2018) – Radu Comsa, Tom Rosco

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