Friends & Family Enjoy 2016 Romanian Festival

On Saturday, 4 June 2016, we again hosted our annual Romanian American Heritage Festival.

In addition to traditional Romanian food and baked goods prepared by the men and women of our parish, those attending enjoyed listening and dancing to the music of the Sideral Orchestra featuring Gheorghe Trambitas and joined by soloist Mihaela Lomora.

A special performance of Romanian Dances, as well as a traditional Romanian wedding play, was presented by our own dance ensembles — “Grai Românesc” (Romanian Voice-adults), “Junii României” (Romanian Youth-teens) & “Mugurii Primaveri” (Springtime Blossoms-children) — under the direction of Mr. Petru Muncaciu, assisted by Monica Iova (choreography), Ioan Irimie & Michael Williams (sound), and Ponci Misca & Brian Stingu (presenters).

Celebrating our Romanian heritage and culture with our community since 2007, we invite everyone to join us again next June for another wonderful time with family and friends!

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