On Thanksgiving Day

From the Parish PriestFr. Romey Rosco

Thanksgiving Day is dedicated to giving thanks to God for His many blessings.  It is a national holiday, rather than a holy day of the Church, and a time for family to get together and enjoy His great bounty which includes family, friends, health, hope,…. There is no end to the great love that He expresses to us daily and in so many ways.

And as His good and loving creation, it is for us to return His love by using our talents and resources to help one another in whatever ways we can.  As Saint Clement of Rome (+96 A.D.) put it: “The strong must help the weak; the rich must provide for the poor; the wise must show their wisdom not in words but in deeds; the humble must not brag about his humility, but should give others occasion to mention it.”  Let’s remember his words as we respond to our church’s call for warm coats, gloves, scarves, etc. for the homeless in our Detroit area (and there are thousands!).

Let us always remember that goodness is most clearly revealed in humble and selfless ways, as we give what we can to one another and our praise and thanks to God.  Whether you are on the giving or the receiving end of any kind of help, give praise and gratitude to the One from Whom all blessings flow!

From The Weekly Bulletin, Vol. XLI No. 45, 23 November 2014
Sts. Peter & Paul Romanian Orthodox Church, Dearborn Heights MI

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