Youth Group Hosts Annual Dance, “Starlight Ball”

On Saturday evening, 7 May 2016 (Bright Saturday) our parish youth group hosted their annual semi-formal dance, this year with the theme “Starlight Ball.”┬á Everyone in attendance enjoyed delicious hors d’oeuvres prepared by some of the mothers and the youth, as well as dancing to Romanian & American music provided by DJ Doru.

A special presentation of traditional Romanian dances was presented by the dance groups of our parish: Grai Rom├ónesc (“Romanian Voice”/adults), Junii Rom├óniei (“Romanian Youth”/teens) and Mugurii Primaveri (“Springtime Blossoms”/children), under the direction of Mr. Petru Muncaciu, assisted by Monica Iova (choreography), Ioan Irimie & Michael Williams (sound), and Ponci Misca & Brian Stingu (presenters).

Thank you to everyone who supported and enjoyed this wonderful event!

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