Celebrating Christ’s Resurrection!


The greatest of Christian Feasts, Holy Pascha (Easter) was celebrated by the Orthodox Church this year on Sunday, April 28.┬á Following the solemn and moving services of Holy Week, hundreds of faithful came out in the pouring rain to fill the church and share in the joy of Christ’s Resurrection.

We offer a brief photo gallery of some of the events of Holy Week and Pascha 2019 below…

Holy Wednesday
Holy Unction  |  Sf. Maslu de Obște

Holy Friday
Lamentations at the Tomb  |  Prohodul Domnului

Holy Pascha (Easter Sunday)
Resurrection Matins w/ Blessing of Paschal Baskets  |  Utrenia Invierii și Binecuvântarea Coșuletelor de Paști

Resurrection Divine Liturgy & Easter Social  |  Sfânta Liturghie a Invierii și Socială de Paști

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