Not Common!

From the Parish PriestFr. Romey Rosco

I always thought I had a unique name, until a few years ago when our church was visited by a priest from Romania with the very same name (first and last).  Of course, I know it takes more than a “different” kind of name to make one uncommon.

There is a story about a young man named John Smith (about the most “common” English name there is).  On his first day of college, his English professor called the roll.  After recognizing each student, he made some pertinent comment about his/her name – its history, meaning or some related anecdote.

Eventually, he came to John Smith and said: “John Smith….that is a common name,” to which young Mr. Smith responded “Sir, it may be frequent, but it’s not common.”

The word “common” often implies “ordinary” or “not noteworthy.”  How many of us think there is nothing special about ourselves?  That we are common, everyday, ordinary?  And then we live our lives precisely that way, never extending ourselves, seldom setting goals and even hoping that we’ll go unnoticed.

We must continually remind ourselves that each of us is a chosen person, chosen by God Who loves each one of us as if there were only one of us.

In the Church, there is not a “common” laity, but certainly a laity!  The role of the faithful is just as important as the role of any priest or monastic.  WE (together!) are a Royal Priesthood, God’s Own people, each of us chosen by Him to proclaim His wonderful works (see 1 Peter 2:9).

We all seek salvation, worth, compassion, light and truth through Jesus Christ Who Alone is the Bridge between God and Man.  And our life in Him is anything but “common!”

From The Weekly Bulletin, Vol. XXXIV No. 24, 17 June 2007
Sts. Peter & Paul Romanian Orthodox Church, Dearborn Heights MI

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